Dr. Royster's Roster

City-wide Behavioral Health Resources

Headshot of Dr. Tanya Royster, Director of the Department of Behavioral Health

Who is Dr. Royster?

Dr. Tanya A. Royster serves the District as Director of DBH. She works with Mayor Muriel Bowser to ensure the District community receives high quality support and services for substance use disorders and mental health. Dr. Royster works to increase access to behavioral health services and resources for District youth to improve students’ health, wellbeing, and academic performance.

Dr. Royster’s Roster of Resources

In-School Services
  • School-based clinicians provide some preventative screenings and supportive services to students
  • Schools that do not have an onsite clinician will connect students to a clinician who can work with parents and guardians to connect students to the services they need
  • School administrative offices can provide information on what behavioral health services your child’s school may offer
Community Organizations
  • A comprehensive list of community based behavioral health service providers is located here
  • The program Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment (ASTEP) provides youth drug and alcohol treatment
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