• What’s behavioral health?

    Behavioral health is the study of a person’s mental well-being.

  • What’s behavioral health?

    Behavioral health is how a person understands himself or herself.

  • What’s behavioral health?

    Behavioral health is how a person interacts and engages with the world around himself or herself.

Behavioral health issues can affect your child’s ability to learn and succeed in school.

Let’s see to it that they are happy, healthy, hopeful… INSIDE & OUT!

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About DBH
Learn about the Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) and the resources it provides to DC’s families, children, youth, and adults.
Meet the Director
Learn more about Dr. Royster’s commitment to providing prevention, treatment and mental health resources to DC.
Royster’s Roster of Resources
Dr. Royster’s list of school and community mental health services for parents and youth.
The Green Hand
Video Series

Men, an important part of being healthy is being strong mentally. Life has its challenges. But a mental health professional is trained to listen and help you take care of your needs. https://t.co/2doCjbCNVG #MensHealthWeek

This #FathersDay, don’t forget about dad’s mental health! Men with mental illnesses are less likely to have received mental health treatment than women in the past year. Learn the warning signs: https://t.co/zqqN90bXg5. #MensHealthMonth

#FactFriday: Nearly 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. lives with a mental illness. Explore more statistics on mental illnesses among the U.S. population: https://t.co/quLTaFTZUP

As Dr. Barbara Bazron takes on the helm of leadership, we're proud to embark on a new vision for DBH moving forward and share her commitment to building a healthy community for DC residents.

The strategic priorities Dr. Bazron outlined in today's testimony will move DBH forward towards a high quality, accountable, recovery-oriented behavioral health system that meets the needs of DC residents and constructs a vision for a resilient and mentally fit DC. #DBHforward