• What’s behavioral health?

    Behavioral health is the study of a person’s mental well-being.

  • What’s behavioral health?

    Behavioral health is how a person understands himself or herself.

  • What’s behavioral health?

    Behavioral health is how a person interacts and engages with the world around himself or herself.

Behavioral health issues can affect your child’s ability to learn and succeed in school.

Let’s see to it that they are happy, healthy, hopeful… INSIDE & OUT!

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About DBH
Learn about the Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) and the resources it provides to DC’s families, children, youth, and adults.
Meet the Director
Learn more about Dr. Royster’s commitment to providing prevention, treatment and mental health resources to DC.
Royster’s Roster of Resources
Dr. Royster’s list of school and community mental health services for parents and youth.
The Green Hand
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There is a potentially fatal batch of #K2 on the market mixed with bath salts and fentanyl. Smoking or ingesting K2 may lead to overdose or death.

For treatment, call the Assessment and Referral Center (The ARC) at 202-727-8473 or our 24/7 Access Helpline at 1-888-793-4357

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For additional resources relating to pregnancy and #opioid use disorder, visit SAMHSA's suite of opioid treatment guidance for women who are pregnant and/or mothers of infants ➡️ https://t.co/VTSKddhlrm https://t.co/WIvQqBtgRn

A healthy baby starts with a healthy mom!

This September, join @MayorBowser, in partnership with @aetna, as she leads a national discussion to improve perinatal health outcomes through community support systems. #DCMaternalHealth

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